6 Ways to

6 Ways to "Beat the Heat" While Breastfeeding this Summer!

July 26, 2018

Beach vacations! Barbeques! Water parks! Summer is such a fun time of year where families enjoy time together and make long-lasting memories.

While so many of the great activities to be had this season are outdoors, battling the summer heat can seemingly present challenges to breastfeeding mommas. But, not to worry!

There are plenty of ways to beat the heat while breastfeeding your little one. Below are 6 tips to help you stay cool in the rising temperatures (and you won’t have to run inside to breastfeed and miss out on the happenings!)



It has forever been ingrained in our brains that we should all drink 8 glasses of water a day to get the full 64 ounces.

While I don’t entirely think there is an EXACT amount, it is true that breastfed babies get their water from breastmilk, so it is important momma stays hydrated…so baby stays hydrated.

Keep a couple water bottles stashed in the beach bag (I even added sugar-free Hawaiian Punch drink powder…I know, I’m crazy!)



There is literally nothing cuter than teeny baby clothes…nothing! I have spent more money than I would like to admit on clothes that I would never consider buying for my husband, but I just HAD to have for my son simply because they were adorable.

There is plenty of time to showcase these digs…but ditch them when you are outside breastfeeding. Keeping baby in just a diaper while feeding will help keep both of you cool.

I also encourage momma to do the same. We all came into this world naked!



Washcloths are not just for bath time anymore…they are portable and instant cool down vessels!

A cold, wet cloth placed on baby’s head and skin will combat the rising temperatures. Go ahead, momma…you can do it, too!



The morning time is a great opportunity to be outside with your little one!

The sun (and most humans) are just waking up…so, you can enjoy the outdoors, have some quiet time and stay cool! Win, win, win!



A dose of cool water goes a long way! We learned that with the tip of drinking water to stay hydrated and using a cool cloth to instantly revitalize.

This tip encourages you to immerse yourself in the water! Get in the pool with your little one and cool off in a snap!



There are so many awesome breastfeeding products out there which allow mommas to cover up while feeding.

These are great! I used them when my little guy was breastfeeding and I see people everywhere using them.

These items come in many different types of fabric, so choose one that is lightweight for the summer time and save the heavy feather blanket cover up for the winter!

While these 6 tips can certainly help provide a quick cool-down while enjoying the summertime activities, be mindful of the times when you and baby may need to take a short break and retire to the living room for a Netflix binge session.

Have a great summer!

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