The Story of MilkBliss

When I found out I was expecting one of the things I knew I wanted to do was breastfeed my future daughter. I was so excited/anxious about it that I began baking lactation cookies long before she was ever born.

I became a lactation cookie ninja in the kitchen! I tried variations of recipe after recipe until I perfected a few that I really liked.

I even began freezing some of my most successful batches to use after my daughter was born. Not only were they delicious but I started to see their effects as early as the first few days after labor!

The nurses were stunned at how much colostrum I was producing. I really believe my cookies were the reason.

Much to my surprise and dismay, I actually had a lot of trouble breastfeeding...

Cora was born with a lip and tongue tie. We were not informed about it in the hospital, so I assumed everything was all good. Once we got home I noticed she had a tough time achieving a deep latch, and I had a lot of discomfort when nursing her. 
My supply began to dip nearly right away. I thought this could be diet, or a number of other reasons, so I just started eating the cookies I had made and that helped to boost my supply. Each time I experienced a dip I would supplement with cookies and that solved it temporarily. 
I didnt find out until much later what was actually going on with her. By the time we figured it out she was over three months old, so we just battled through it. 
In hindsight I should have sought help sooner, but I didnt know what I was doing and I didnt have the amazing community of moms that I do now.

I believe that as breastfeeding Mamas we deserve a special goodie that is just for us. Breastfeeding is beautiful…but it can be difficult and extremely stressful at times.

As a company, we believe in our products 100%, but we also understand that bodies are complicated and the first help you should seek is a certified lactation consultant. 

I believe if we want to be successful at breastfeeding we need to nourish both our bodies and our souls.  Mamas need to treat themselves every once in a while and what better way than a delicious cookie after a long day (or at the beginning, we won’t tell :)).

I have spent a lot of time developing recipes that taste amazing, are effective, and are healthy enough to nourish our bodies so that we’re ready to tackle any breastfeeding hurdles that come our way.

I stand behind our products 100% and ate them regularly to maintain my supply when I was breastfeeding. 

I hope you love them too and join us in our journey to help women breastfeed longer!