MilkBliss Lactation Overnight Oats for Breastfeeding, All Natural and GMO Free Lactation Boosting Ingredients! Protein, Fiber, Oats, Flaxseed, Brewers Yeast



Flavor:Very Berry

Description: As a busy mom breakfast is never easy...until now! Lactation Oats Overnight is a healthy, convenient morning meal that’s both delicious and nutritious. How To Make Overnight Oats: 1. Simply combine the pack with 3/4 cup of milk (or milk substitute) before bed. 2. Leave it in the fridge overnight. 3. Enjoy your to-go breakfast in the morning! It’s packed with lactation superfoods and protein to keep you going all day long, and nourish your growing baby. Boost your milk supply High in protein and healthy fats Pre-measured Made with superfoods, vitamins and minerals All natural and GMO free Ingredients: organic gluten free rolled oats, peanut butter powder (defatted peanuts, sugar, salt), organic cane sugar, whey protein concentrate, brewer's yeast, ground vanilla bean, cinnamon, organic cocoa powder, flaxseed meal.

  • BOOST - your milk supply! Our all natural ingredients are made with ingredients traditionally used improve lactation for new mother.
  • DELICIOUS - Our all natural overnight lactation oats are GMO Free
  • HEALTHY- High in protein and fiber
  • CONVENIENT- Just mix with your choice of milk or milk substitute, leave refrigerated overnight, and enjoy for breakfast!
  • INGREDIENTS - Packed with superfoods (galactagogues) All Natural and GMO Free Lactation Boosting Ingredients! Three flavors to choice from