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In the western world, tiny babies who struggle to inflate their own lungs are supported by sophisticated technologies. But in low-resource communities like Uganda, many die.

Adara has partnered with PATH and the University of Washington to develop a simple and affordable device that helps these infants breathe. It has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of newborn lives across the globe. A single device will cost just US$20 to produce.

Respiratory distress syndrome is the most common cause of death for premature babies. In 2015, 2.7 million babies died during their first 28 days of life. 98% of these deaths occurred in developing countries.

Since 2005, Adara has also cared for 136 children who were trafficked during the civil war from their homes in the remote Humla region of Nepal.

It costs just $2.30 per day to help keep these children in school. With their education, they help empower their community to break the cycle of poverty that left them vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. Now they teach others about the dangers of trafficking.

Supporting women is the most effective investment a developing country can make.

Akilah Institute delivers a unique model of market-relevant education that enables young women to secure meaningful jobs and achieve economic independence. 88% of Akilah alumnae launch careers within six months of graduation and earn 12x the national median income. With just $9/day, the cause can provide one day of education for one woman.

As empowered women, Akilah graduates give back to their families and communities, ensuring the prosperity of future generations.

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